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LiPo Pack


Cofigs: 2S 3S 4S 5S 6S 7S 12S


Our latest addition to the zippy lipo pack series offer excellent performance and better quality in a compact size. These lipo packs provide the same capacity and discharge C-rate, but provide you alternative dimensions for applications that require a specific compartment. From samller 800mAh to the highest 10,000mAh 6S, we have a lipo pack sto suit any version. We also apply OEM services to brand battery. Why do you need to buy an expensive battery from us and all packs have been tested before shipment.


14.8V 4S1P LiPo Pack


The 4S lipo pack increase your multi-rotor flight times with less weight. We provide a full range of 4S high capacity packs.

7.4V 2S1P LiPo Pack


This series of lipo pack delivers higher C rates and transfer more power to your rig and win the cup for FPV racing!

25.9V 7S1P LiPo Pack


Our latest addition 7S to our LiPo Pack series offers excellent performance and good quality in a compact dimension.

44.4V 12S1P LiPo Pack


The series of LiPo pack provide the highest of voltage 12S to meet working voltage 44.4V and high discharge 45C rated.

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