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We are making brand of hoverboard battery for self-balancing two-wheeled board. We also supply retail & wholesale for replacement batteries. The single cells 18650 are made by Sumsung & LG. There is a smart protection circuit built-in battery pack for protection during charging, discharging and short-circuit. The standard & safety connector XT60 is much convenient for assembly. The strict testing is done before shipment.

We bought the 18650 cells from Sumsung & LG to assemble hoverboard battery. The 18650 cells are tested the capacity & interal resistance and choose the similar value of cells in one pack. The spot welding is using for connection the 18650 cells, because of it's much strong.


All new custom design BMS (Battery Management System) keep the hoverboard battery in good working for long time. The protection circuit include protection ICs which made in Japan for short-circuit, over-charge, over-discharge. There is balancer built-in BMS. They can help to charge every cells to meet same voltage and keep longer working time. We also add an heating panel on the BMS. It can protection the parts and heat dissipation.


We wled the cells to BMS with strong wires carefully. The insulation paper keep the all cells without heat, shock. The tape bundle the cells and then the heat shrink tape pack the whole pack.


After assemble 18650 cells 10S2P and BMS, we will do testing to ensure the battery pack work well before shipment.


We accept retail & wholesale for this hoverboard battery. Please send us an mail with your quantity and quetions to mail info@lipolbattery.ch, we will send you good price.


Hoverboard Battery

18650-10S2P 36V 8.8Ah/5.2Ah 158.4Wh/187.2W

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