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LiPo Battery LP552535 3.7V 430mAh for Long Term Blood Pressure Measurement

























•The high-capacity LiPo Batteries LP552535 3.7V 430mAh enables the recording of blood pressure over 24 hours and facilitates optimal therapy control. The latest generation of ambulatory continuous blood pressure measurement is a wearable blood pressure measurement. The blood pressure is determined with the Pulse Transit Time continuously and non reactive, using an ECG and the SpO2 finger clip. When recording during sleep at night, there is no inflation of a cuff disturbing the sleep of the patient and affecting the blood pressure.


•Besides the continuous blood pressure measurement, it can also serve as a multi-channel recorder. Five measurements can be recorded simultaneously.


•The built in rechargeable LiPo Battery and Bluetooth module help the measurement transfer the data in real time. You can check the data both on the high resolution touch display of the measurement or sending them to your mobile phone or tablet PC by email. And it is possible for you to program the transfer time and periods individually.


Part Number LP451220

Voltage @ Capacity3,7V @ 70mAh


WiresAWG 28, 30mm x 2pcs


Protection Circuit Overdischarge Trip Voltage3.0V

Thermistor (NTC)NO

Dimension20 x 12 x 4,5mm

Charge Temperature0°C to +45°C

Disharge Temperature-20°C to +60°C

Storage Temperature-20°C to +45°C


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Li-Polymer Battery LP451745 3.7V 250mAh for Samllest Long Term EEG Recorder

















The minimum long-term EEG recorder is a medical electronic device with 13 channels and a 46-hour continuous recording with li-polymer battery LP451745 3.7V 250mAh. Its smallest and long-term recording capabilities are inseparable from the small size of li-polymer battery, light weight, high-quality power performance support. It can be customized according to the different conditions of each patient to set the start and end of the measurement time, but also the programming and then abnormal measurement of the alarm sound. The built-in li-polymer battery can be automatically charged when the data is transmitted through the usb port.


1 EMG/ECG and 6 EEG

Impedance check with colour coded lights

Continuous impedance recording

46 Hour recording duration

Analysis software incuded

Programmable alarm sound

Also for sleep recording in accordance with R&K

Technical features

7 AC (6EEG/EOG referential, 1 EMG/ECG differential) + GND + REF using 1.5mm safety connectors 6 internal (body position, 3x motor activity (x,y and z - axis individually), ambient light, patient marker)

Adjustable sampling rate up to 245/sec, 30% data compression, recording time upto 46 hours, 64 MB data storage

Li-Polymer battery 3,7V LP451745 250mAh

Dimensions: 45 mm diameter x 16 mm, 30 g Headbox: 61 mm x 56 mm x 13 mm, 60 g

Battery charging during data transfer via USB port

Programmable start and end times for upto 6 measurements

Programmable alarm sound


Continuous impedance recording. Impedance check on headbox with multicoloured LED's


Battery TypeLi-Polymer Battery Part Number LP451745

Voltage @ Capacity3,7V @ 250mAh


WiresAWG 28, 50mm x 2pcs


Protection Circuit Overdischarge Trip Voltage3.0V

Thermistor (NTC)NO

Dimension45 x 17 x 4,5mm

Charge Temperature0°C to +45°C

Disharge Temperature-20°C to +60°C

Storage Temperature-20°C to +45°C


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